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Current Apparatus

The Huntington Fire Company currently has six pieces of apparatus. Engines 32, 35, and Ladder 33 were purchased by the City of Shelton. Old Engine 32 and Squad 30 were purchased with fund raisers. Engine 20, which has been assigned the numbers 3 and 36 in the past, is the Shelton Fire Department spare.

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Engine 32

2004 Pierce Enforcer 1500 GPM pumper

Engine 35

2002 Pierce Dash 1500 GPM pumper with 2000 gallon tank.

Ladder 33

1981 Seagrave 100' Aerial. Former FDNY L-103 & L-26. Purchased by Shelton Fire Department, and converted into a 1250 GPM quint in 1999.

Squad 30

1986 Hahn with Ranger heavy rescue body. Features include 15000-watt generator and a mobile cascade system.

Engine 20

1981 Mack CF 1250 GPM pumper. Former Echo Hose H&L E-3. Rebuilt 1990 after serious accident. Assigned to HFC as E-36 1996-2001. City Spare

Old Engine 32

1957 American LaFrance 750 GPM pumper on Ford chassis. Served HFC until late 1980s. Parade piece.