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About us...


T he Huntington Fire Company No.3, Inc. was founded in 1919.  We are one of four fire companies in the Shelton Fire Department.  Our district currently encompasses 18 square miles of residential and business community encompassing everything from farms to 17-story highrises.

W currently support a roster of 85 men and women dedicated to our founding principles to protect the lives and property of the citizens of Shelton.  For almost nine decades we have been trained and ready when the call comes in for help.  Our members are on call at all times and carry pager/radios that summon them to action.  To learn more about being a member of the Huntington Fire Company visit our membership page.

HFC#3 also supports a Brigade membership for those 16-18 years of age.  The Brigade has an operational function in the fire service and is a vital asset to our Regulars.  An Auxiliary membership is also available for volunteers that wish to take part in supporting the company in a social setting.  This group organizes and supports various community and social events.  They also provide support to the firefighters by providing supplies and assistance for rehab operations at incidents.  For more information on how you can join their ranks visit our membership page.